Utah State vs Wyoming

Utah State vs Wyoming: A Mountain West rematch between the Utah State Aggies and the Wyoming Cowboys will take place at Arena-Auditorium in Laramie, Wyoming on Wednesday, 9 pm EST. Utah State has already brought back three interceptions to the house. The Aggies are ranked in the top 15 among FBS programs in sacks and tackles for loss per game.

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:Match Info:
Event: College Football
Team: Utah State vs Wyoming
Date: Saturday, October 20, 2018
Game Time: 12:00 p.m. ET

All of a sudden, Utah State has gone from looking like the easy choice to bring up the rear in the Mountain Division to a possible bowl team. Wyoming might be a disappointment overall, but it’s still unbeaten in conference play. Granted, the Cowboys are just 1-0, but they do have a win over Hawaii.

This now becomes the breakthrough moment for one of these teams. With a road game at Boise State up next, Wyoming needs to win this. However, after the next two weeks, outside of the Colorado State game, the schedule eases up. Utah State just lost to the Rams, but the offense has shown enough at times to be dangerous.

The Aggies are surviving on takeaways, timely offense, and explosion against the bad defenses. But there’s no pass rush, and the O line has been very, very shaky. Wyoming can’t get the offense moving – Josh Allen has been a dud – but the defensive front is able to get into the backfield and should do enough to bother Kent Myers and the Aggie attack.

The Cowboys are great when it comes to turnover margin, too. Utah State won’t be the +2 it’ll need to be. The difference will be the UW defensive line that’ll come through when it has to.

Wyoming is very strong defensively and they should make it difficult for Utah State to move the ball, especially in the air. While Utah State has been scoring points, they have faced some weak defensive teams in their last few games, and they have struggled against strong defensive teams, scoring 10 points against both Wisconsin and Wake Forest. Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen has yet to really find his groove, however, he is a great talent and should move the ball against Utah State’s weak defense.

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